EasyPC Rakk Daguob Illuminated Red/White/Blue/Green Gaming Headset

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EasyPC Rakk Daguob Illuminated Headset Red/White/Blue/Green Gaming Headset

Product Specifications 

  • Rakk Daguob is one of the "Best selling Gaming Headset for iCafe" and also good for office uses with a very affordable price. And very convent to use specially with FPS games like Counter Strike Global, Special Force 2, Crossfire and ETC. Daguob is also compatible with android cellphone which is now mostly widely uses by many people.
  • Rakk Daguob design is very attractive as it has a led light beside the headphones with its RAKK Logo glowing
  • Rakk Daguob has a passive noise cancelation because of its over ear design that gives you an edge for gaming with a high environmental sound effects.
  • Replaceable Earpads / Easy to replace which very convent  for iCafe shop's that has a high volume customers that uses everyday.
  • Light-weight and design for long hours of use
  • Durable abs plastic shell
  • Anti scratch and tangle proof PU leather and braided cord design
  • Stylish design Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable adjustable foam and leather cushion headband
  • Overhear and replaceable ear cups
  • New sports mesh materials used in the ear cups Comfortable Fit