DBTK X RAKK Sukog Gaming Deskpad 900mm x 400mm

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DBTK X RAKK Sukog Gaming Deskpad 900mm x 400mm


1. 2nd wave of DBTK X RAKK pre-order now available via EasyPC website only. Available in limited quantities only. Shipping fees will apply. Expected Time of Arrival is November 2022. If there will be some delays with the arrival, we will then notify the public in advance.

2. Full payment is required via website order. All payment methods are accepted, except cash on delivery. Cash on Delivery and unpaid orders will be cancelled automatically.

3. Cancellation of pre-orders and payment refunds are not allowed once the order had been placed and paid nor could it be exchanged for other tools/items or services being rendered. All pre-orders made are considered as sold.

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    Product Specifications

    • RAKK Sukog x DBTK
    • 900x400x3mm
    • Macrofibre Surface
    • Anti-Slip rubber base